Plant Palette

Ellis Farms provides a focused plant palette that ranges between some 12 to 20 palm tree and desert plant varieties.  We are specialists at what we do.  Why do we grow only a select few plants when some nurseries stock hundreds of varieties?  There’s a reason for it.

During the late nineteenth century, Dr. Francesco Franceschi–who lived and worked in Santa Barbara–and other globally-minded “plantsmen” introduced hundreds—if not thousands of plants from around the world to southern California, including many varieties of palms.  Their goal was to take advantage of the remarkable Mediterranean climate of southern California to see what would grow—to increase both food production and the artistry of landscape design.  Their work resulted in the truly remarkable bio-diversity that is the southland as we know it.

Today, the situation is different.  Not all of the growing experiments conducted by the early plantsmen were successful.  Some plants did better than others.  Some were not fully adapted to the sometimes surprising extremes of the southern California climate.  We are also more sensitive to the qualities of native plants and the conservation values associated with low water use and cold hardy plants.

The plants Ellis Farms offers today are the best there are.  Our palm trees and desert plants are the ones that have survived the early experiments. They are the most consistently reliable, proven, and successful plants for landscape design in the Southern California area and the southwestern region beyond.

That’s why we grow what we grow.  We complement our focus with large available quantities, quality of plant material, and a proven record of customer service that we have earned over the last 35 years.  Ask anyone.  We are confident of what they’ll tell you.

  • Maintenance Guidelines for Palms