Olea europea “Wilsonii” - Fruitless Olive Tree

Fruitless Olive Tree


Olea europea “Wilsonii”

Cold Hardy/ Drought Tolerant
Common Names:
  Wilsonii Olive
Origin:  Mediterranean region
Hardiness:  USDA:  10A-11; Sunset:  8-9, 11-24, to 15oF
Mature Height:  25-30’ with a 25-30’ spread
Trunk:  single or multiple, gray, gnarled, to 5’ at base
Canopy: moderately dense, willow-like foliage; gray-green
Flower Stalk:  not applicable
Growth Rate:  moderate to slow
Drought Tolerance:  high
Light requirement:  high
Soil Requirement:  highly adaptable

Sunset Magazine’s Western Garden Book calls, olives—along with palms, citrus, and eucalyptus—the “regional trademarks” of southern California.  This fruitless variety of olive was discovered in a grove of Manzanillo olives in 1979. The Wilsonii is a clean and well-shaped tree that produces “virtually no” fruit and therefore eliminates messy fruit drop. The Wilsonii instantly provides color and space-defining shape at planting and makes a slow to moderate growth until becoming a massive, picturesque tree that seems to rise up out of the earth as if growing from history.  These beautiful, dusty green trees are adaptable to a wide range of climates and are quite cold hardy.  Thornless, pest free, drought tolerant, and long-lived–the evergreen Wilsonii makes sense for its beauty and practicality.  It adds Mediterranean charm and context when needed and works wonderfully with desert-inspired designs. These practical, dependable, desert-grown olives have been a popular part of the Ellis Farms palette for decades.

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