Archontophoenix cunninghamiana King Palm

Archontophoenix  cunninghamiana

Common Names:  King Palm, and Piccabeen Palm or Bangalow Palm in Australia
Origin: Queensland and New South Wales, Australia
Hardiness Zones:  USDA:  10A-11; Sunset: 21-24; mature plants to 25oF
Mature Height:  60’ with a 10-15’ spread
Trunk:  solitary, but sometimes grown in clumps of 2 or 3, slightly swollen at base, gray, ridged concentric leaf scars; smooth green to brown crownshaft
Canopy:  8-12 leaves, 8-10’ long, pinnate compound with 100 3’ leaflets, rich green with some gray-green on underside
Flower Stalk: many 3-4’ branches; lavender to purple flowers
Growth Rate:  moderate
Drought Tolerance:  moderate
Light requirement:  moderate to full sun
Soil Requirement:  adaptable

The King Palm is one of the most beautiful and visually dynamic palms available for Pacific coastal plantings. Its smooth, green trunk is tall, slender, and predominantly ringed. Its intricate and feather-like dark green leaves droop gracefully toward the vertical with spiking leaflets—an unusual look for a pinnate palm.  The King Palm is a time and designed-tested favorite for southern California plantings, and along with the Queen Palm, provides the most “tropical” look of all the successful and reliable palms used in this area.  It is often planted in groups of three or more with varying heights for a naturalized visual effect.  Ellis Farms King Palms have been a favorite of King Palm specialists for years.

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