Dypsis decaryi - Triangle Palm

Dypsis decaryi

Dypsis decaryi

Cold Hardy/ Drought Tolerant
Common Name:Triangle Palm
Origin: Madagascar
USDA Hardiness Zones: 10B-11 (35o/40 o to 40o and above)
Sunset Magazine Climate Zones: 20-24; H2 (winter low range 23o-44o)
Mature Height: 25’
Trunk: single, substantial; overlapping leaf bases form three distinct plane surfaces; leaf bases covered with soft, reddish brown and velvet-like coating; no crownshaft
Canopy: tends toward a 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock habit; about 20 stiff pinnate leaves, 8-10’ long, curved downward slightly at tip, 100-200 l-2’ leaflets that form a tight “V” from the rachis; blue-green with reddish brown leaf base coating
Flower Stalk: 4-5’ long, emerges from lower leaves, branched, yellow flowers
Growth Rate: moderate
Drought Tolerance:  high (when established
Light requirement: moderate to full sun

Soil Requirement: adaptable

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