Chamaerops humilis green - Mediterranean Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis green
Very Cold Hardy/ Drought Tolerant
Common Names:
  Mediterranean Fan Palm
Origin:  Mediterranean region, Spain, Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, Algeria and Morocco
Hardiness Zones:  USDA:  8-11; Sunset: 4-24, to 6oF
Mature Height:  20’
Trunk:  usually clustering, sometimes single, 1’ diameter, fibrous, leaf bases retained; no crownshaft
Canopy:    15-30 leaves, palmate, deeply divided into segments, dark green
Flower Stalk:  6” long, hidden among leaves, yellow flowers
Growth Rate:  slow
Drought Tolerance:  high
Light requirement:  medium to full sun
Soil Requirement:  adaptable

Back in the 1980s, Joe Ellis, founder of Ellis Farms planted an entire block of the original farm with Mediterranean Fan Palms.  You should see them now.  They have become complexly structured, thriving plants.  Every so often these days, we dig two or three hundred of them and box them up for sale, from southern California, up the coast or to Texas.  The Mediterranean Fan Palm is one of the most successful palms for general use in landscaping under a wide range of conditions. Natural stands were once plentiful on the French Riviera.  Its broad spread, multiple trunks, and dark green foliage make it an excellent choice as an accent tree.   The Med Palm becomes both a structural and a textural element in any design.  Extremely hardy to 6 degrees, it also does well in hot, dry desert regions. In our office we have a photograph of a Med Palm poking out from several feet of snow in the Arizona mountains.  It is as tough as it is striking.  The Mediterranean Fan Palm is a relatively slow growing palm, reaching a height and canopy spread of twenty feet at a rate of six inches per year.  When used in groupings and in woven groves, this palm creates interesting and varied outdoor space as almost no other plant can.  Single trunk Med Palms, although not as common or popular, are sought by collectors more and more.

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